Mårten Björk

I'm a designer and developer in love with everything that lives in the browser. I am also — inevitably — a co-founder, project manager, information architect, strategist and many other things depending on who you ask. You can find me at various places around the web:

  • Maintaining Front End by Proxy

    A few days ago, I was called in to make “some simple HTML and CSS edits to a web site”. As soon as I arrived, I realized that this would be an unusually long day. Read more

  • Managing Styles and CSS in Framer

    The way Framer.js handles styling of layers can be confusing. Some parts are handled using Framer's built-in layout engine, other parts using the CSS you love and hate. By understanding the relationship between the two you can write cleaner and more manageable Framer code. Read more

  • Four Things I’m Focusing On In 2016

    In the first quarter of 2016, I spent a lot of time learning new things. Here’s what I’m focusing on right now. Read more

  • Stop using the trackpad

    The trackpad is not your friend. In fact, in terms of productivity, it is the exact opposite. Every time you move your hands from the keyboard to reach for the trackpad you loose a few seconds, or worse, your concentration. Read more

  • Apple Store moves to Sass

    Yesterday, Apple updated their online Store with a brand new look and feel. I did some poking around in the source code and found some interesting things. Most notably: the Apple Store now uses Sass to pre-process their CSS files. Read more

  • Using the Device Orientation API to Guess Proximity

    The Device Orientation API of HTML5 tells us the orientation of the user’s device at any given moment. However, in some controlled environments it can also be used to guess a device’s position in the room. Read more

  • Fibonacci in the New Prometheus Trailer

    Whilst watching the new Prometheus trailer this morning, I discovered some familiar design patterns like the Fibonacci sequence and grid layouts. Someone on the production team clearly did his homework. Read more

  • D&AD: 85% of the Winning Web Sites Use Flash

    The winners of The D&AD Professional Awards have been announced. Below is a summary of the winners of the “Digital Design” category. 13 web sites are on the list, 11 of them require Flash. Read more

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